⧜⧜ Philosophy / Vision/  Missions ⧜⧜

        Committed to providing services to a learning society in the digital age with state-of-the-art information resources and technologies.
        Enhance service quality through modern technology to advance knowledge in the digital age.
        1. Develop an electronic and information system for state-of-the-art services.
        2. Develop service quality through modern technology to promote knowledge in the digital era.
        1. Collect, organize and provide documentary resources, research support and knowledge services, as well as local knowledge.
        2. Promote and support all fields of the university in the management of information technologies and be aware of technological changes.
        3. To promote and support the development of human resources for lifelong learning in line with the National Education Act of 1999.
Main Policy
        1. Support learning and provide academic services that are in line with the needs of users.
        2. Promote and support all sectors of the university to manage with information technology.
        3. Promote and support the conduct of government services with integrity and transparency.

Update on February 28, 2022.